Audible Beta for Android

Audible has quietly rolled out a public beta for its Android app. With no surprises, the app downloads, plays and organizes your Audible audiobook collection.

To join this open beta you must join the Audible for Android Google Group. Once you join the group you will get a download link. The group has several email options- luckily, it has a “no email, I’ll read it online” option.

The app is pretty basic. Once you have signed in with your Audible account, your audiobooks will be loaded onto your SD card.  Audible for Android has a nice interface and allows for pretty good organization of your books. The books play in the background, of course, so you can browse the web, check your email or anything else you might want to do while listening to a book.

To get the Audible for Android app, join this Google Group

Image via Android Central.

*This is app is for playing Audible Audiobooks. Audible accounts start at $7.49/month

This app is still a beta and is not complete. To be fair I’m going to hold off on rating the app until it officially launches.

Need a book to get started with? I highly recommend Ring World, by Larry Niven or World War Z, by Max Brooks.

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