Casio G’zOne Rock

Are you an outdoorsman? Maybe an adventurer? Are you really rough on your phones? If you answered yes to any of those questions, the Casio G’zOne Rock is worth a look.
The G’zOne Rock is the successor to the G’zOne Boulder. The phone is resistant to water, shock, dust, vibration, humidity, salt, fog, solar radiation, altitude, and high and low temperatures. As impressive as all of that sounds, it’s only the tip of the ice berg!

The G’zOne Rock has a set of six tools called the G’zOne tools. These include a compass, thermometer, pedometer, astrological calendar, tide data, and sunrise-sunset times. Out of the plethora of tools I found only two useful; the compass and the thermometer. I felt like the other tools were not well thought out and not useful at all.

One thing you may notice from the pictures, this phone is very aggressive looking. I often referred to it as the “G.I. Joe” Phone. The aggressive look of the phone fits right in with the outdoors man attitude of this device.

Overall the hardware was extremely solid. I felt this phone could take the abuse of an “on the go” lifestyle. The button layout was on-par with similar style phones making the phone very familiar feeling. On the outside of the phone (the lid) you will find a round display with some touch controls. I often opted not to use those, but others might find it useful.

The sound quality of the G’zOne Rock is decent. Not bad, but not great. The cellular reception nestle safely into the “Average” category.

Overall this phone is a good idea but falls just short. The tools are cool but not useful enough. However, if your super hard on phones, and need one that will withstand the elements, this phone really shines. I would have preferred a slightly better camera to offset the need of carrying another device.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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