Add Static tags to Buddypress Group Tags

Adding static Group Tags using the Buddypress Group Tags plugin is pretty simple. We just need to change a few lines of code to change our input method.

What you will need:

Buddypress Group Tags plugin version 1.2.2

A code editor, I like;

Mac – Esspresso

Windows – notepad ++

Once you have Buddypress Group Tags version 1.2.2 installed we need to locate the bp-group-tags.php file. This file is located in wp-content > plugins > buddypress-group-tags. Locate and open the file with your code editor.

Lines 197 -199 determine what input objects are used for the tags. We want to add static buttons for choosing tags.

Replace lines 197 – 199 with our custom code.

The code to add custom, static buttons looks like this:

<input type=”checkbox” name=”group-tags” id=”group-tags” value=”insert tag name here” />insert tag name here<br>

And here is the code in action with two check boxes. One is a Business tag, and the other is an Event tag.

<label for=”group-tags”>This Group is a;</label>
<input type=”checkbox” name=”group-tags” id=”group-tags” value=”Business” />Business<br>
<input type=”checkbox” name=”group-tags” id=”group-tags” value=”Event” />Event<br>

If you want to remove the Tag Chooser you simply remove line 201 which is:


now save the file and make sure you overwrite the file on your server.

Keep in mind, if you auto update the plugin it will break this edit. You will then have to redo the steps above.

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